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The Important of Quality before Choosing Pilot School

before Choosing Pilot SchoolThe desire to be appreciated by the surrounding environment and even the world, can get the goods classy, ​​and it can free the world around Indonesia even make some people settled on the pilot profession. It’s just not easy to be a high class of this profession. More than just a health need that is okay, perfect physical and slick English skills, healthy finances are also required to attend flying academy in Malaysia (like our facebook here) Indonesia, Philippine, or others an average offering more education costs less between IDR 500 to 800 million. In selecting the pilot schools, pilot schools are required to ensure that would have been had the quality. Know the importance of quality before selecting pilot schools, the following:

Avoid close school

The quality of the pilot schools are characterized by long operation age. The longer school pilot stands, would be highly recommended. Why? Ability to galvanize students to become professional pilots are highly experienced. Equally important, the pilot school with a long standing age can avoid school closures. The assumption, that the pilot school within five years survived mean management is not in doubt. Different if the pilot schools were still whole corn is still a big question mark, whether it can survive in the future or not?

Preventing pass longer

  • Adequate training aircraft
  • Exercise fly has its own or closely spaced

be a qualified pilot school two criteria. The purpose of selecting a school pilot with such criteria, none other than to prevent pass longer. Illustration like this, pilot schools have only three planes but their students more than 30 people. Means, one aircraft will be used ten people. Such conditions are not effective anymore making the cadet flight training must wait their turn. Should have at least 1 of the rules of air for 5 students. Pilot schools that shared training flights with airline first place that much can inhibit cadet flight training. Worse yet, the cadet will lose because they have to wait hours to fly aircraft of the airline take off or landing. If the flight training in different cities, the loss will double with the cost of transport.

Away from difficult to accept airline

True it is that the pilot school has a good prospect in Indonesia considering the main longer-quickness need to figure that experts in control of this air transport. However, do not rule out the pilot school graduates also going to be unemployed. Is It True? Why? This is because they are a pilot school graduates who are less qualified. The assumption, how the airline believes in the ability of graduate school if they were printed on poor pilot training aircraft, less experienced instructors, and still rest of the corn? Obviously, the airline will not release the budget for salaries in vain by hiring graduates who lack the ability.

Not to second-guess the quality of the pilot schools, if necessary, ask the school where the best pilots in this form.